Thursday, May 29, 2008

James Farragher Campbell has joined the Editorial Staff of The Never Plead Guilty Blog...

James Farragher Campbell, Esquire.

I am so excited to announce that top-notch San Francisco Trial Attorney, James Farragher Campbell will be joining the Editorial Staff of the Never Plead Guilty Blog.

James is, in many ways, the Jake Ehrlich of today and is a senior partner in Campbell, Demetrich & Jacobo located in San Francisco.

Fascinatingly, the reason James became an attorney was because he read one of Jake Ehrlich's books when he was a young man and was so inspired by The Master's career he decided to become an attorney and follow in Jake's footsteps.

James is the President of The American Board of Criminal Lawyers which is an exclusive members-only society of the nation's best criminal defense lawyers.  

James is also an extremely elegant and dapper Gentle Man who believes strongly in sartorial splendor as well as the notion that elegance knows no pain.

James Farragher Campell is pictured above in his San Francisco office.  Notice the walls are red like Melvin Belli's office.

James is going to have a column on the Never Plead Guilty Blog named "If Jake Were Here Today" where he will share what he thinks Jake's perspective would be today on many issues.

James is also going to share his legal expertise with us on different issues and bring us up to date on how legal issues have evolved since The Master practiced law.  

James will also be conducting some fascinating interviews with friends of The Master.

James Farragher Campbell is an excellent San Francisco attorney and has been a loyal friend over the years.

I am looking forward to his insightful participation in our exploration into the life, career and times of Jake "The Master" Ehrlich.

Welcome on-board James!!!

Jake Ehrlich III

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