Friday, May 9, 2008

Jake Ehrlich with Alvin Malnik and George Raft

Here is a great photo of Jake Ehrlich with one of his proteges, Attorney Alvin Malnik of Miami Florida.

The signature on this photo reads:

To Jake,

Truly a "Master" in all respects.

With much admiration and freindship.

–Al Malnik
Pictured in the photo below are Alvin Malnik, Jake Ehrlich and the movie star George Raft.

It is amazing how much in these photos Al Malnik looks like Al Pacino's character, Michael Corleone from the major motion picture, The Godfather. Every time I see, the Godfather Part 2, where Micheal and his family have moved to Lake Tahoe in the early 1960s to start building up Las Vegas and Reno, I think of this photo of Al wearing the sharkskin suit. They look so similar and so cool!!!

In the Godfather 2 Al Pacino looks exactly like Al Malnik

As a matter of fact, in the Godfather part 2, Francis Ford Coppola has a character named Hyman Roth who is based on the real life Myer Lanske. Ironically, Al Malnik was Myer Lanske's attorney many, many years ago. Reality is stranger than fiction!

Today Al is an extremely successful entrepreneur and great philanthropist.

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