Thursday, October 30, 2008

333 Montgomery TV Show Pilot Staring Gene Rodenberry...

333 Montgomery

333 Montgomery was one of three TV shows based on Jake Ehrlich's career.

It was written and produced by Gene Roddenberry and was named 333 Montgomery because that was Jake Ehrlich's Law Office address for many years.

The other two TV shows based on Jake Ehrlich's career were Perry Mason staring Raymond Burr and Sam Benedict starring Edmund O'brien..

Below you can watch the pilot for 333 Montgomery which stars DeForest Kelly playing The Master. DeForest Kelly went on to play Dr. McCoy (Bones) on Star Trek which Gene Roddenberry also produced.

333 Montgomery originally aired on June 13, 1960. Jake Ehrlich personally chose DeForest Kelly to play him. There were two different versions of the pilot that aired, and this is one of them:

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