Sunday, August 31, 2008

Young Jake Ehrlich Sr., with Family...

Jake Ehrlich Sr., is pictured on the far right next to his mother. His father, Harry Ehrlich is sitting on the chair with his son Alvin Ehrlich on his lap. 

Myron Ehrlich is pictured on the far right and Easu Ehrlich is sitting to the lower right of Jake. Jake's younger sister Sarah Ehrlich was not born yet. Photo was probably taken around 1908 in Maryland.

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Leonard said...

I came across this site while researching form my "blog" of my mother's letters during her first year in Chicago in 1934. One person she repeatedly mentions is a Harry Ehrlich who owned (or whose father owned) a restaurant on the South Side of Chicago.

Is there any chance he is the Harry Erlich in this family photo? Her letters are posted at


Leonard Grossman