Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jake Ehrlich on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Video

Here is a video of Jake Ehrlich Sr., on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in New York in 1967.


Lisa Parker Hyatt Ehrlich said...

Hi Jake,
This is Lisa and Mac Ehrlich...We think this is way cool!!Thanks...Lisa/Mac

James said...

This clip is remarkable; thanks for posting it. I was impressed with "The Master," certainly, but also that Johnny Carson could sit and have a fairly leisurely, smoke-filled conversation of substance over the course of a half-hour with a major mover-and-shaker of the day (or any day, to judge from Mr. Ehrlich's track record and legacy). Leno's recent conversation with President Obama, or Craig Ferguson's with Desmond Tutu, aren't even in the same league. To be sure, we seem to have much shorter attention spans now, and demand more showmanship than substance, even in our late-night talk shows. But sometimes, you must simply sit down and talk seriously with someone who knows what he is doing. That's what happened in millions of homes, the night that Jake Ehrlich visited the Tonight Show. Thanks again. I had no idea this blog existed before today, but now that I do, I'll check it regularly.